Terms of Use

1) User agreement

The main website of CreekEx is Cryptocurrency Digital Assets Exchange (hereinafter - the Exchange) - https://creekex.com (hereinafter - the Website).

Visiting a website means that the User accepts this Agreement and all the conditions specified below. The user is obliged to fulfill all local legal duties in the country in which he lives, and assume full responsibility in case of their violation. The user assumes full responsibility for making decisions on the performance of trading operations. The Exchange does not bear responsibility for possible losses caused by ineffective management of the User's funds. The Exchange is not responsible for the User's actions, such as providing invalid (ineffective) information about prices, the amount of transactions, etc., as well as the inaccessibility of the website and possible system failures.

If you do not agree with the rules and conditions for working with the Digital Assets Exchange, you must immediately leave the site.

All information posted on the Site is protected by copyright law. Any full or partial use and copying of data is possible only with the written consent of the Exchange owners.

2) Cryptocurrencies

The list of crypto currency is determined by the Exchange and can be changed at any time.

The Exchange shall not be liable for any arising losses related to authorized and unauthorized transactions, as well as for possible failures in the performance of crypto-currency networks.

If the crypto currency is turned off, the user can request withdrawal of funds within 14 days if the block-chain of crypto currency is working and can perform transaction tracking.

3) The market

The list of password pairs for trading directions (the "Market") is determined by the Digital Assets Exchange and can be changed at any time.

The user performs operations at his own risk and takes full responsibility for their feasibility. All transactions are considered final and irrevocable. Funds can not be returned to their original state after the transaction is closed.

4) Trading rules

In order to execute a trade transaction, the User sends a request for it through the form provided by the interface of the Website, or using an API with a secret key and a digital signature. In its application, the User specifies the desired bet and the amount of the future transaction. If all the data is correct, the Exchange creates an appropriate order than registers it in the system and looks for the counter order that corresponds to the conditions. If a counter transaction is found, the transaction is completed. If the counter counter is not found, the user application for the exchange remains active until the counter response meets the conditions. If the counter income provides more favorable conditions for the exchange, the transaction is executed at a price that is more beneficial to the User. Unused funds are returned to the User.

Unfinished or partially completed orders can be canceled by the user through the appropriate section in the "Digital Assets Exchange" menu or through the API at any time. Completed orders can not be canceled. The exchange keeps the commission from any transaction in accordance with the tariffs specified when creating the order.

5) Funds replenishment rules

All users will be verified in accordance with the KYC requirements and the laws of Seychelles. The deposit of funds is included in the special purse of the crypto currency, which is unique for each user. To receive a deposit purse, go to Purses by clicking (+) in the currency table next to the required crypto currency. After transferring funds to the specified address, the balance of the deposit is automatically executed after receiving the required number of confirmations, depending on the type of currency. The actual amount of confirmation is dynamically displayed on the "Balance" page. Until the required number of confirmations is received, the funds remain blocked and can not be used.

After the deposit of funds is successfully carried out on the balance of the Exchange, the User is entitled to create a new address for adding funds.

6) The withdrawal rules

The user can request withdrawal of funds on the Purses page by clicking (-) in the table next to the required crypto currency.

The system will offer to specify the purse address (which will be used to withdraw funds) and the amount and calculate the commission for sending the crypto-currency network. The amount, excluding the commission, is transferred to the user's wallet.

In order to withdraw funds, the User must have an amount sufficient to transfer money and pay commission in his wallet.

Withdrawals are performed automatically, starting with the creation of the user application. Possible delays in the transfer of funds do not depend on the stock trade. In rare cases, a semi-automatic tap is possible. The user receives an outgoing transaction ID (txid) to track the transaction.

In case of complaints from payment systems (burglary and theft), CreekEx has the right to freeze the account and request documents for verification.

The user assumes full responsibility for providing an invalid revocation number resulting in possible financial losses. In such cases, the digital assets exchange does not perform a repeated withdrawal.

7) Rounding rules during calculations

All transactions on the exchange are used with an accuracy of 8 decimal places. Any rounding up to the 8th decimal place is calculated in favor of the stock trade.

8) Rules for using the API of the open API and the trading API.

Public API and Trade API - useful tools for cooperation with the digital assets exchange of third-party software.

An open API is used to retrieve information that does not require access to personal account information. A trading API is required to create and cancel orders, request active balances, and to obtain information that requires access to personal account information.

The allowed number of API requests from the user software is 100 units per minute.

The user is obliged not to use the API for spam, creating a large number of orders with small amounts to cause the Exchange to load.

9) Data protection guidelines

The digital assets exchange pays great attention to the protection of transactions and the security of confidentiality of sensitive user data.

All personal data of the user is strongly encrypted, and their transfer between the Digital Assets Exchange and users is performed through compulsory paths using crypto algorithms, protected from attacks.

The digital assets exchange does its best and performs a number of checks to reduce the risks of accessing the account of the User by third parties through the fault of the User who discloses his authentication data, as well as due to virus attacks.

10) Rules for changes to this policy, agreements and conditions

These rules can be changed by the Exchange administration on a unilateral basis. Any changes are posted on this page. The user must independently check the changes in the rules and conditions while working with the Stock trade.